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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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from capitol hill coming up. and superbowl iv we've a special edition of monday morning quarterback with dave ross coming up. fox 5 morning news starts right now. take a look at this mess on the beltway, the inner loop courtesy of sky fox. that is your aerial view. the beltway shut down. it's january 24th, 2011. this live view over what is happening out there. the water still flowing on the inner loop. this has been going on since we came on air at 4:25 this morning. not only is traffic a huge problem but we're hearing from you on facebook that you don't have any water service in the area. so we're following up on that as well. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and before we get to traffic and the frigid weather, we do have school delays this morning. holy family catholic school in hillcrest hights delayed two
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hours because of the beltway water main break. and elsewhere in maryland, garret and allegany county schools both on a two hour delay. in west virginia a two hour delay for mineral county schools. >> let's find out what is happening with the weather before we get to traffic and we say good morning to tony perkins. good morning to both of you and good morning to everybody. bitter cold temperatures across the region continue this morning and through the day today. let's take a look at what is going on out there as far as temperatures go. 18 degrees right now in washington. it's also 18 in annapolis. but it's 11 in quantico. 9 in gaithersburg. 7 in manassas. 6 at dulles airport. some of the coldest temperatures we've seen so far this season. we're not alone. you can see pittsburgh is at 5 degrees this morning. binghamton new york is 6 below, that's the cold air temperature. and by tomorrow we'll have a little bit of a warm-up but this morning bitterly cold. snow out to the west.
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most of that will not make it in here. that is the leading edge of a warm front. that will make it in here and bring us warmer temperatures for tomorrow. but for today, it will be a cold one. your forecast for today looks like this: partly sunny skies, the cold continues. many of you will see high temperatures in the 20s today. at reagan national we should hit a high of about 30 degrees. so a cold, winter day with temperatures well below normal. we'll talk about the precipitation event coming up in a bit. back to you, steve and allison. >> tony, thank you very much. a traffic alert for commuter this is morning. a water main break on the beltway in prince george's county has should down the inner loop. the moving water has brought delays for travelers. and there are not only traffic problems but people throughout the county now without water. >> right now crews on the scene trying to fix the break. let's check in with sarah simmons first, live along the outer loop in largo with more. good morning.
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>> reporter: steve and allison, good morning. i'm standing on the inner loop of the beltway which is shut down and they are still trying to shut the water off at this time. you can see this water still rushing down through here and it's been this way all morning long. this is actually decreased somewhat, if you can believe it or not, since earlier this morning. i talked to wssc, and they are in the process of still trying to shut down this 54-inch water main that did break around 4:00 this morning. i know we've had viewers that have called if and said they are without water and in like temple hills, upton hill and suitland, so i told wssc and they looked into it and said there are some people that may experience some water outages off and on as they try to reroute the water and try to get it turned off. they tell me at the source they've been able to see the water has decreased somewhat. so yes, viewers, you may have issues with water over the next couple of hours.
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out here on the beltway, traffic is a major issue. also here on the inner loop, this is going to be a major mess. looking back out here live, take a look at this sheet of ice right here. this is just a mess. and they have crews out here trying to spread salt in certain areas where they can. now earlier this morning it was dire for travelers. it was dark and a man trying to come down the inner loop who got caught up in this water. i talked with him earlier and this is what he had to say about his experience. >> basically a river of water coming out of nowhere and you hit it and hydroplane. it was crazy. it lifted me over the fence going up the hill and they just took me away from over there. >> reporter: now that man, justin hill, he is okay this morning. traveling is not going to be okay. take a look back down this way. this is the inner loop, still amess and will be that way quite sometime.
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and traffic will be backed up for hours. and wssc think they can shut off the valves but in the meantime some you may have low water pressure or not water at all in some cases but they do hope to get that back on in the next hour or so at the very most. live in largo, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, sarah. the latest on the morning commute now from julie wright. a mess out there, julie? >> starting at 4:00 this morning and the hits keep on coming. to the screw in sky fox to give you the bird's eye view. we saw from sarah simmons the beltway is closed off at 214 central avenue. traffic on the inner loop slowing back near arena with all traffic diverted off at central. so the roadway still closed off and the water still gushing into the highway causing ice. so not only do they have to turn off water but they have to treat the road and start with repairs. so this is with us throughout the middle of our rush hour and into the midday commute.
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so tran your trip accordingly as folks try to turn off the water at 214. let's work around it. let's go inside and start off with the map and show what you is happening here. if you are traveling from the north to the south, sheriffly toward pennsylvania avenue, still a good option for you at this point. only about a 15 minute commute as you travel from the bw parkway. southbound i-95 callers tell me traffic slows at 212. they are reading the overhead sign that warns you of the closure and that is causing the backup there. police activity closing new hampshire avenue because of an accident and now outbound on new york avenue the ramp to the beltway is closed because of an overturned vehicle. and we have trouble coming into the city and out bound because of the accident here. again overturned vehicle blocking the ramp to the bw parkway. southbound lanes are open but
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yes that is working as a alternate rude. accident at telegraph has only the right lane squeezing by toward the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and if you are traveling in d.c. today, you can expect several rode closures during the march for life beginning at 9:30 a.m. parts of 4th street northwest, constitution avenue and first street near the supreme court will be closed as will 7th street near the verizon center. this is a live look as participants line up. the roads will reopen mid afternoon. you can get all of this information and the latest on traffic around the region at we have interactive maps and cameras stationed along major intersections and roadways all over the place that are available with a single click. for more, again, go to and click on traffic. the suspect in the death of a d.c. teenager appears in
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court later today. letitia frazier disappeared in august but police have not been able to find her body. a tipster called in after seeing the news and police arrested 23-year-old brian gaither, charging him with murder but not elaborating on the relationship between the two. >> he knew the victim. it is not a domestic murder. >> although police won't reveal what evidence they have. they do claim it is enough to prosecute a murder case without a body. new detail this is morning in the investigation into the death of former white house staffer john wheeler. a cab driver in wilmingtonton, delaware, said he gave wheeler a ride two days before his bondy was ground in -- his body was found in a land phil. he said he drove him to a hotel and described him as chatty. wheeler was wearing only a sports coat and slacks despite
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the cold weather. authorities have not disclosed how he died but they have ruled it a homicide. and the man accused of shooting gabrielle giffords and others will be in a courtroom today. gerald loughner's case was moved from tucson after all federal judges there recused themself. the attorney for arizona filed a request to have future hearings back in tucson. he is expected to enter a plea today and a trial date should be set. less than two months after prince george's county executive jack johnson is arrested as part of an fbi investigation there is a new focus on fighting corruption in the county. >> new county executive rushern bake certify opening up and we'll take a look coming up next. and traffic updates. and boy is traffic a problem on the beltway this morning. we'll get latest from julie and check in with tony for the forecast. there is the beltway. no traffic on it.
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we'll steer you through it after the break coming up. it's 7:10. 
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we are staying on top of this developing story. that is its problem on this monday morning. we're looking at the water main break. that's the source of it. the result is that the inner loop has shut down in prince george's county on the beltway. our sarah simmons is there. you can see that car over turned and two cars immobilized because of the powerful water. we're told at times the stretch of road looked like a river instead. and it is 18 degrees and parts of the road a sheet of ice where sarah simmons is. we'll get the latest on that and also julie is helping you get around this mess. again inner loop closed between route 214 and ritchie marlboro road. that problem in prince george's county this morning. we are staying in the county as county executive rushern baker opening up about the need to
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fight corruption in the county and this is two months after jack johnson was arrested in connection with an fbi investigation. and joining us robert mccarthy from the washington post. thanks for joining us, bob. it seemed like for a while he didn't want to address this issue. >> when this first happened and jack johnson was arrested and rushern baker was elected county executive and hadn't taken office, he didn't want to talk about corruption. he didn't want this to distract from jobs and schools and other pressing issues and he didn't want to be piling on. he didn't want to be talking about this and sort of adding to the bad publicity for prince george's county. but now that he's been in office since december 6th, rushern baker is opening up about it and he said that fighting corruption has got to be a priority. he said that the problem of corruption's reputation that the county has for corruption,
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which discourages business development there, that is the elephant in the room that cannot be ignored. and he's taking steps to deal with it. >> what is the best way for him to approach this now, now that he is finally talking about it to make sure that the county takes a step forward? because you would think with new leadership, that's the one thing he would do, set himself apart from what has happened in the past. >> i'm not sure what is most important, but when he first came in he fired a lot of people from johnson's administration and he told me in the interview thursday that he fired so many people so quickly, more quickly than he had hoped, more quickly than he planned because he wanted to show the public that he was making a clean break with the past and that there was, in effect, a new sheriff in town. but he has also proposed very important legislation, a couple of bills that would make it harder -- basically crack down on key sources of corruption in
7:16 am
the county. one would make it harder for county council people to raise money to get campaign contributions from developers if they were ruling on those developer's projects and the other would reduce the amount of energy and time that the county council spends on land- use projects. he's also got a couple of task forces going. a big task force that will recommend measures to try to deal with corruption and has the virginia tech university doing an audit of the housing department to sort of see where all of the money has been spent there in the last few years. that's a very suspicious department, the housing department. >> you mentioned the business climate and you don't want to damage the business climate when you talk about existing business or attracting new business to the county, but in a case like this you have to worry about the perception of doing business where there is alleged corruption going on. how damaging could that have been if he didn't take this step forward now, the new
7:17 am
county executive to step in. >> i think the business time is bad enough now as it is, it's harder to find money for projects and it makes it harder if people are worried about coming in and making a commitment and be afraid to be shaken down or do favors for people or possibly pay bribes. we don't know the full scope of it, but it is clear there is a serious problem in the county and has been for a long time. and promoting business development especially around metro stops inside the beltway, like new carrollton and branch avenue, this is a big priority for rushern baker. this is one of the top things on his list. he wants to build up commercial development in the county which would not only create jobs but also raise the tax base, get more money for schools and stuff. and it's going to be harder to do that if he hasn't addressed the corruption issue. >> which he is now doing. >> he's starting. >> you can read more on the column in the washington post.
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we'll put it on the website at bob, thanks. >> good to see you, steve. we're taking another look at the beltway in prince george's county. and speaking of prince george's county, the inner loop has been closed for most of the morning. it was closed at 4:25 this morning when we went on the air. it is still closed and expected to be closed for sometime. you're looking at live pictures from sky fox as we are now seeing that it is light out and appearing to see the cause of the water main break. and there is the result of one driver would happened upon it at the wrong time and hydroplaned. and they shut down before it could be involved in any other incident but the water still running like a river down the inner loop of the beltway. and that that's it shut -- has it shut down this morning. we'll check in with sarah
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simmons in a few minutes. >> and it's a good thing it's shut down and we'll continue to have the frigid cold temperatures across the region through the day today. i don't expect us to get to the freezing point today. so the temperatures are well below normal. let's tack -- take a look. we remain -- at 18 degrees at this hour. baltimore is at 8 degrees. winchester 6. hagerstown 8. patuxent naval air station is at 18 degrees along with us. here is a look at the radar for our region and then we'll pull it out and take a lookout west. we are dry this morning. at least in terms of no precipitation. you do see some snowfall to the west but most of that is not hitting the ground. a lot of that falling from clouds but not hitting the ground. a warm front will warm us up briefly, not today but tomorrow
7:20 am
temperatures into the 40s. today different story. here is your five-day. partial sunshine and partly to mostly sunny and very cold. high about 30 degrees in town. that means most of you will see highs in the 20s today. tomorrow it warms up, some clouds move in, but it warms up to the mid-40s. i think we went through this last week where tuesday i believe was the warmest day of the week, somewhere in the middle of the week. we will do it again. and then remember last week we were talking about a possible precipitation event. that will be on wednesday as opposed to tuesday. it could start overnight on tuesday and then into wednesday night as tucker was saying, kind of a messy mix. likely there will be rain with it, could be snow or freezing rain or sleet with it as well. temperatures will be key. then breezy on thursday and friday cold, mostly sunny and 38 degrees for your high. it is winter time, folks. >> last week we had the warm temperatures before the snow so that kept us warm.
7:21 am
>> and i think probably on wednesday it will mainly be rain until later after some of the cold air works it's way back in and then it should turn over. >> we're keeping an eye on that. and a lot of people wishing it was 45 and not 18 this morning dealing with the water on the roads. >> and god bless sarah simmons out there. and looking down upon this break which occurred shortly after 4:00 this morning. we were told the break occurred as a result of a crash. we'll find the activity with gushing water on the -- highway. and wssc still trying to turn off the valves so the water will stop gushing and causing the icy patches. and the inner loop is still shut down at 214, central avenue. from there all traffic diverted into the city. ritchie marlboro is your workarn and there is a
7:22 am
rubbernecking delay past the scene. and elsewhere, we have bailout traffic heading into the city. coming in off the bw parkway from cheverly down to pennsylvania avenue a 20 minute ride as the north and south alternate route. inbound on route 50, slow out of riverdale into northwest washington. and callers say 95 jamming up out of laurel. a overhead sign at 214 warning you of the closure and that is causing delay. so delays stacking up out of laurel. and bw parkway slow between 197 and powder mill road. now back into northeast washington, trouble out bound on new york avenue. a crash involving an over turned vehicle at the bw parkway. closed toward the third street tunnel. and in virginia, this is a mess at the beltway at outer loop from springfield in the direction of the wilson bridge.
7:23 am
crash at telegraph road causing a backup from eisenhower avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:22 right now. well he set off a fitness revolution that lasted 75 years. this morning we're remembering jack la lane. and also ahead this morning, more on a story that made headlines last week. a woman reunited with her mother 23 years after being kidnapped as an infant. now there is an arrest in the case. that's next. and coming up later in morning, keeping libraries relevant in the age of instant access to information. we're checking out two brand new libraries in the district coming up. 7:23. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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7:26 right now. there are new developments in the case of a woman kidnapped from a new york hospital as a newborn nearly 24 years ago. the woman who raised her turned
7:27 am
herself into the fbi in connecticut yesterday. ann pettway is now facing kidnapping charges in federal court. fitness guru jack la lane died. >> he inspired many to trim down and pump up before exercise was a national obsession. he workout show ran from 34 years from the 1950s to the '70s. and after the show he continued to write books and produce videos. the 96-year-old died from respiratory failure yesterday. a true icon. there is a lot of talk about civility returning to capitol hill in the wake of gabrielle giffords. >> but will some cut $100 billion from government responding. we get a bipartisan response live next. and the latest weather and we're following the situation on the inner loop of the beltway. there is the source of the problems right there, a 54-inch
7:28 am
water main. that's 4.5 feet in diameter. it broke this morning and spilling water on the beltway. the beltway has been shut down for three hours now. the latest updates from julie wright, also check in with tony with the forecast. because it's cold out there and temperatures in the teens and in single-digits in some cases. more after this break. 
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back now at 7:30 as we look at the beltway. on the left you can see the big picture of the inner loop. on the right you can see the source of the problem. it is monday morning, january 24th. here is a couple of looks again at the beltway in prince george's county. we'll get a traffic update in just a minute. we do want to pass along the problem. the water main break is impacting schools in the area. the archbishop of washington said bishop make namarra and others are delayed because of the water main break. and we'll get an update soon, the water is still flowing. and we talked with the water officials a couple of hours ago and they said it could be hours before they could fix the problem and as you can see they
7:32 am
have not been able to get to the valve to shut it off. so it will be a few more hours most likely before they get the situation under control. >> a commuter nightmare this morning. and the cold temperatures aren't helping. nobody is on the road but it's a sheet of ice. >> yes, it is. because our temperatures, depending on where you are, range from the single-digits into the mid teens. so a very cold start. where the water is gushing, it's moving too fast to freeze but elsewhere it is freezing. so hence the beltway being shut down there. and we'll start with the temperatures. it is a bitterly cold morning. i was out in it this morning. 18 degrees in washington. in quantico it is 11. annapolis is at 18 degrees. gaithersburg is 7 degrees. dulles airport at 6. winchester is 6 degrees. off to the north and east, baltimore is at 8 degrees. so bitterly cold. some of the coldest air we've
7:33 am
had in here so far this season. our trend, a little all over the place. similar to last week. today our high only 30 in town. many of you will see your high temperature in the 20s, but tomorrow add 15 degrees to that and it will warm up. in fact, tomorrow will be above normal. our average high will be 42. we'll get to 45 tomorrow i believe. and dropping down again, wednesday 36 and wet conditions on wednesday as well. and then 38 degrees on thursday. let's take a look at that satellite radar. we are in the clear this morning. a good amount of sunshine this morning. here is your next weather- maker. now this snow, a lot of that is not hitting the ground and we don't expect that to makes it way in here during the course of the day today or even tonight, we don't expect that. but there is warmer air behind that. that will filter it's way in here tomorrow hence the warm-up into the 40s. our next storm system is another coastal storm. i think you've all learned by now, after this winter, that it
7:34 am
is not yet formed. so i cannot tell you with any degrees of accuracy how much precipitation we're going to get from that storm on wednesday. but we do believe that storm will develop and will bring us precip, probably a messy mix, some rain but some snow, maybe even sleet. for today, partly sunny and cold continues. 30 for the high like i said. then for tonight we get clouds building in. not as cold, mid-20s. and that's a difference. you'll feel that difference in overnight temperatures. tomorrow, some sunshine. clouds building in during the day and the afternoon and evening. warmer tomorrow, 45 degrees. wednesday we think precipitation begins late tuesday night or early wednesday morning. could start as a wintry mix. could turn over to rain and end as a wintry mix or all snow toward the end of it, but it's a day-long event on wednesday we believe. 36 for the high. thursday and friday temperatures in the upper 30s. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now an update on traffic and for that we go to julie wright.
7:35 am
tony, not much has changed at the scene. still hoping wssc can turn off the water at this break that has been with us for quite sometime. the water still gushing on the highway. sky fox over the scene. and the accident this morning, we're told it was an accident that caused the water main break but that's what m-dot reported. so we have a 54-inch water main break and the water is yet to turn off. the water and still gushing and with the temperatures freezing, it's turned into an ice rink. traffic is being diverted on hampton park and another left on ritchie marlboro. but the other workarn, bw parkway and route 50 loaded up with a lot of people trying to do the same thing and that's an
7:36 am
alternate root. so a 20-minute backup off of riverdale and route 50 southbound. so from the north to the south, the alternate routes are loaded up with bailout traffic. new york avenue, we had the crash at the bw parkway but that should be cleared. but delays because of this. in virginia, problems here at the outer loop at telegraph road now shut down. no one is able to get past the accident scene according to v- dot. big delays in the location of the wilson where no one is getting by. off of the inner loop expect rubbernecking but toward braddock road lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a republican pledge to cut $100 million is causing alarm
7:37 am
from democrats. joining us, donna edwards and frommality phil againg re. good morning. tell me about the plan and what it would entail. >> well, allison, it's very important to cut spending. i think that's the message that the american people voiced loud and clear on november 2nd in elections. and elections do have consequences and quite honestly i'll be following the study committee of the conference and that's something like 160 of us into spending reduction act of 2011. what actually takes spending back to 2006 levels and would save $2.5 trillion over a ten- year budget window. so we're really serious about this. >> congresswoman edwards, this plan has a long list of
7:38 am
programs slated for elimination and also cut down. we're talking about corporation for public broadcasting, national endowment for the arts, amtrak, cuts to school lunches. what do you think the ramifications would be if this plan were to go through? >> it would be huge. i'm looking at the school lunch program which is also a supper program in the state of maryland where children whose parents can't afford to receive them are allowed to receive breakfast and lunch and supper. and if a child is hungry when they go to school, then learning is not going to take place. and so i think it's important for all of us to really examine where these cuts are going to go and what the impact is on our future. and i would say if the republicans were really interested in cutting spending they wouldn't have voted to repeal the health care bill, which the congressional budget office said saves us money and wouldn't have voted to extend tax cuts to the wealthiest americans so there is a little
7:39 am
bit of hypocrisy going on here. >> congressman, would you like to respond to that. >> i wonder how she would feel about unions, collective bargaining and file grievances on company time if they are working for the federal government. that would save $500 million over 5 years and $1.2 billion over 6. i wonder how she'll feel about my provision which would say that no member of congress, i hope she would agree with me on this, could receive a cola in any year in which we didn't balance the budget. and a third thing in that package would say that members who turn back money from their congressional expense account on an annual basis as i have done for the last eight years to the tune of $900,000, that that shouldn't be given to some other member of congress who has overspent their account but
7:40 am
should go to the bottom line, back to the treasury to reduce the debt and deficit. these are some of the things that we would cut in the spending reduction act of 2011 that the conservative republicans in the house will propose. >> as the congressman mentions collective bargaining about employers and workers coming to the table to bargain for wages and benefits and i think that's worked to the benefit of the american people and worked to the benefit of so many workers that i represent in my congressional district. we haven't had a cola in congress in a couple of years as the congressman knows. that's not the cause of the budget increases. but last week, and the repeal of the health care law, republicans in congress actually said, well you know, we're going to repeal health care for everybody else but not for ourselves so i think we have to examine -- and clearly there are things that we need
7:41 am
to examine are that overspending in the budget. it's ridiculous to have taken all of the defense spending off the table when it comes to looking at our budgets. that's not fair. so we keep in all of defense spending but cut away school lunches and dinners for poor children. the republicans want to cut back on pell grants and student loans and these are things that help strengthen the american public. i agree we need to investigate in research and development and that will put us on the pathway toward the future and toward raising revenue that we need to make sure that we take care of our needs here in the country. >> congressman, let me give you the last word. as the president gets ready to deliver his state of the union address, what will the g.o.p. be looking for? >> well we'll be looking for fiscal responsibility and not just a pivot. it's about time for the president to understand that the number one priority of the american people just as it was
7:42 am
two years ago, when he took office, not to spend a trillion dollars on the health care reform act creating a whole other entitlement program but to get the economy back on track and create jobs two years ago. instead we now continue to have a 9.4% unemployment rate. that is totally unacceptable. >> we have to end it there. we do appreciate both of you this morning. i wish we had more time to speak with both of you. thank you both. >> thank you. 7:42 right now and coming up in the next hour, we'll take a closer look at the role that sleep plays in getting fit. what could a few extra hours per week mean for your health? and football fans in pittsburgh and green bay probably missed out on sleep last night celebrating big wins. we'll break down the conference
7:43 am
championship games and look ahead now that we know the matchup for superbowl. dave ross will join us coming up at 8:00.
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it is 7:45 on this monday morning. and this is not the way you want to start your work week. this is the cause of a closure on the inner loop of the beltway. the inner loop is closed between route 214 and ritchie marlboro highway. and this is what we believe led to the water main break. the vehicles that you see right there, apparently some type of accident causing a 45-inch water main to break. it's about 4.5 feet across. and the water ended up spilling across the inner loop and running down the inner loop out of control now for more than three hours. and with the temperatures in the single-digits and low teens, some of the water is starting to freeze so they shut down the inner loop and you can imagine the snowballing effect that has with traffic backing up on the roads around there. so we're continuing to keep an eye on this situation. julie has been working hard and sarah simmons is gathering information as well. so far people are getting around it but still a little
7:47 am
bit of time left in the morning commute and it is likely not to get better. and you can see the vehicles off the highway. the inner loop closest to you at the top of the screen, completely closed. and then the slow-moving vehicles on the top of the screen is the outer loop in prince george's county. so traffic effected on the beltway. we'll get more updates in a couple of minutes. >> it's sad the cars are stuck there but it gives you good perspective of just how huge the water main break -- the gushing water. >> if you remember the one on river road that caused all of the big problems not that long ago, that was only a few inches bigger than what we're dealing with here. so it's huge. if you think 4.5 feet across and how much water that carries. >> very powerful too. >> we'll be following it. let's talk about what is going on out there as far as weather goes. very, very cold across the region with temperatures in the single-digits into the teens. in the district it is 18 and
7:48 am
other places single-digits and it's very cold and the water freezing on the beltway across that region. so here are your current temperatures. 18 degrees in washington. 18 in annapolis. quantico is at 11 degrees. leonardtown is 12 degrees. salisbury, maryland, 9 degrees. dulles airport 6 degrees. martinsberg, west virginia, 4 degrees. like i said earlier, some of the coldest air we've seen so far this season. we're not alone. new york city is at 6 degrees right now. binghamton, new york, 6 below. to our south you'll find warmer air with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. here is a future cast. this is a model run. i want to show you our weather for the next couple of days. this is what the model is showing us right now. a few clouds here and there. check out snow flurry activity off to the west. certainly a possibility with that warm front getting closer.
7:49 am
but now let's move this along. you'll see that tonight things clear out. tomorrow clouds start to build in and then bang, early wednesday morning, likely while you're sleeping into the morning rush hour, we get precipitation moving in. according to this, off to the south and east it's rain. right across the washington area it will be cold enough that it's a frozen mix. it is messy with ice. this is wednesday morning and this is the way it looks right now, off to the north and west is snow. then this has it as the colder air works in changing over to snow here in washington and around much of the area. off to the east still a frozen mix and still rain off to the south and east. but that's wednesday at 6:00 p.m. and then 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., still snowing in washington. so this could end as a period of several hours of snow. we'll have to wait and see. you know how mother nature is doing this we're but we'll keep watching. 30 for the high today. 35 tomorrow. 36 on wednesday, and that's our
7:50 am
wednesday. thursday breezy and temperatures only in the upper 30s. more temperatures coming up in a little bit. and let's get to the story of the morning. and julie wright what is the latest? >> it's still shut down. inner loop closed south of 214 and finding the detour is traffic off of 214, making the left turn on to hampton park and another left on to richie marlboro. sarah simmons has been reporting live from the scene all morning long where the water continues to gush out to the beltway. wssc trying to shut off the water but until that happens, now we're left with an ice rink on the beltway south of 214. one vehicle to the top of your screen slid off the roadway and into the woods. one person had to be rescued from the scene this morning because of the water. so a lot of that to clean up and the roadway, we have to turn off the water and then treat the road for icy conditions. so this will be with us for quite sometime. this is live pictures from dave at the scene. and the inner loop of the beltway still closed off at 214, no traffic able to
7:51 am
continue southbound toward andrews afb. and the outer loop is slow with rubbernecking. but the water is gushing out on the highway and now you're seeing ice, icy conditions on the beltway south of 214. back inside, talking about your alternate routes, folks bailing out and using combination of route 50 and the bw parkway and an additional 30-minute backup on the bw and 50 out of riverdale and cheverly. 95 jammed up out of laurel. folks slowing down to read the overhead sign warning of the closure on the beltway. and northbound 95 jamming up out of newington toward telegraph road, that's where we have the accident with only the right lane squeezing by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:51 right now. we have more coming up and we'll stay on top of this story and more on fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. a
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
we have been talking about the traffic impact of the beltway with water main break, it's affecting schools in the area and now we have school closings. bishop mcnamara is now closed because they don't have any water. four new libraries have been built in the district in the past two years. >> our paul rafael this morning is at a neighborhood in the shaw neighborhood to learn more about the new branches that are there. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, today the mont raw is the books are only the beginning when it comes to the d.c. public library and they are getting a new look. so i have the chief librarian with me. tell us about the library. >> it's a good time for the district library and today we
7:56 am
open our fourth all-new library and that doesn't include georgetown rebuilt after the fire and several others that have had major makeovers. so here we are in this lead certified building and what happens inside the building is way more important than they look. >> reporter: talk about the unique programs people wouldn't expect in a library. >> you can always get books and dvds and magazines. people expect that. but you can go to the library for a yoga class and hand dancing happens here. and of course many programs for children. a lot of computers. >> and you were saying that you get kids started as a young age? >> the goal is to make sure that little ones have the opportunity to sing, talk and read. and so we start at the age of 6 months. your child doesn't come alone to a 4 month program with a 6
7:57 am
month old. and they show you how to work with your children and it's lovely to have babies on your lap. >> reporter: and this looks like. talk about that. >> the architect's goal was that this be the beacon for the library and that's great. it works very well. >> reporter: so like you said, they do take yoga, so i'm going to take a yoga class if i can interrupt. they usually don't go this early. >> no. >> reporter: may i interrupt? >> yes. >> reporter: talk about the yoga here. >> we have community yoga here every tuesday at noon. we have a wonderful diverse group of people from the community who come here. and normally we're in the room next door to us so it's close to the children's center and a great view. >> reporter: i'm not a yoga expert but teach me a move before we go.
7:58 am
>> we'll do eagle pose. >> reporter: that sounds fun. >> it's a lot of fun. so bend your knees and plant that right leg in the ground and you're going to wrap your right leg around your left leg. >> reporter: stick with us. fox 5 continues after the break. >> and left arm up and wrap your right arm around. 
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
straight up can now. -- 8:00 now. and a water main broke and with cold temperatures, the water is freezing. the inner loop of the beltway is shut down between route 214 and ritchie marlboro. good morning and thanks for being with us on this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and the water main break isn't just creating a traffic nightmare. in maryland we're hearing about water outages in oxon hill and temple hills. and bishop mcnamara school is
8:02 am
now closed. holly family catholic school is delayed two hours again because of the break. elsewhere in maryland, garret and allegany county schools are both on two-hour delays. not because of the water main, but because of cold weather. and in west virginia, a two hour delay for mineral county schools. that was a big story 3 and a half hours ago when we went on the air this morning. before the water main break, it was the cold temperatures. and they're not warming up. >> they are not. and out to the west, we're seeing temperatures in the single-digits. sterling, virginia, is in the single-digits this morning and farther out to the west, temperatures are even colder. so let's start by talking about the temperatures. look at the up -- the updated stats. here we are 18, but most of the region in single-digits. baltimore 6 degrees. winchester, 6 degrees. hagerstown 8 degrees. and patuxent naval air station is 18 degrees. ocean city is 13 degrees.
8:03 am
at least we don't have significant winds this morning. here is a look at the radar image for the region. we have no precipitation. i would not rule out a flurry or two out to the west later on today. as you see, there is that frontal system. it appears to have snow with it. there is snow falling from the clouds. most of that is not hitting the ground. and you can see right in the mid section it breaks up. that's pretty much what is it will do as it gets closer. so i don't expect precipitation. maybe a flurry or two off to the north and off to the west. your day planner for today, look for a high of only about 30 degrees in town which means most of you will be in the upper 20s today for your highs. morning sunshine, partly sunny during the day and then a few clouds building in this evening. we'll have more details on forecast. it looks like the next precipitation event is wednesday, a winter mix. i'll tell you more about that in a little bit. >> a cold one today. >> warmer tomorrow. >> thank you, tony. the big story this morning
8:04 am
the water main break in prince george's county. headaches all around this morning. >> and making problems for residents with no water. and right now the inner loop is shut down at ritchie marlboro road. sarah simmons joins us now live with more. >> reporter: wssc tells me they are still in the process of trying to shut down the 54-inch water main break that burst at 4:00 this morning. this is why the inner loop is closed down. the water is still rushing, even at this hour. this happened so many hours earlier and it will continue to do this until they are able to shut it down. in the meantime, it's like a sheet of ice out here on the inner loop where we are standing by the way. so they are already started spreading salt, some brine, trying to get something working so they can melt it and try to get the inner loop open as quickly as they can. this was a very scary situation though. earlier this morning there were people still out here on the inner loop, before we realized
8:05 am
about this water main break. there was a man driving -- see his red car up here on the side by this rushing water. he drove upon it this morning and got swept away. here is what he had to say. >> it was basically a river of water and i hit it and hydroplaned off to the side. it was crazy. >> my friend lifted me on the fence the other side of the hill and took me over there. >> reporter: now i want to show you video from sky fox just a little while ago. this shows you exactly where this water main break did occur. this is east hampton drive, from what we understand this is capitol heights which is not very far from where we are. since the water is rushing down from there, this appeared to be like a parking lot area, but back behind a building, so sky fox has been able have provide pictures for us.
8:06 am
so talking with wssc, te don't know what -- they don't know what caused the break. temperatures have caused breaks in the past but it will take some time before they know what caused it. we have a bird's eye view of what the beltway looks like right now of the traffic situation we are dealing with. obviously it will be backed up four hours. this has been the issue all morning long. so between central avenue and ritchie marlboro, it is where it is close here on the inner loop but it is causing backups on the outer loop as well. people are being rerouted so a major headache as we head out through the morning hours. again, it could just be a couple more hours before water is back on we're being told. but they just don't know right now. and also i was talking with wssc mentioning the fact that there are some people reporting to us in temple hills, oxon hill, suitland, that they are without water. and they say that is a possibility in some areas.
8:07 am
mostly south central avenue, there are folks experiencing low water pressure and there may be some people without water as they try to maneuver and get the valves shut down, something it is not easy to do and does take a while to do so they are asking people to be patient. they won't know for a while how many customers are without water that continue to fluctuate and change as they try to fix this water main break or get it shut down for the time being. we're live in largo, back to you in the studio. >> sarah, thank you. so how you can get around all of this mess? >> julie wright joins us with on-time traffic. good morning, julie. >> it has not been a easy workarn for work and. it's tacked on 30 minutes into northeast washington. and the beltway is closed off from sarah's shop, the inner
8:08 am
loop still blocked off at 214. so for those traveling on the left side of the scene, that's the inner loop and traffic forced off of the beltway. a left turn on hampton park and that will put you on the beltway past the icy, slushy mess on the beltway. but again the roadway is closed since shortly after 4:00 this morning. no time has been given as to when they hope to reopen the roadway but as sarah just pointed out, they have to shut off the water and then treat the roadway before any of that can happen. so this is with us to the middle of our day, possibly into the afternoon drive as well. so again, bw parkway, route 50, working well as the alternate, although pack your patience. it's very slow through riverdale and cheverly into northeast washington. and a quick peek elsewhere. this is the live shot of 95 in virginia. jammed up badly out of newington around the curve and toward the accident scene at telegraph road. that's where we had traffic squeezing by to the right. and that's what was
8:09 am
contributing to the delay. and 395 slow from newington up to glebe. traffic slow at the inbound 14th street bridge. and slow toward the accident scene. delays in montgomery county, southbound 270, from germantown to the lane divide. germantown has an accident reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a man suspected in the death of a missing teenager goes before the court this morning. lettisha fraser was last seen in august. someone called in a tip to investigators. police are not saying how the suspect news phrasener. they believe her body was thrown in a trash container and it may be difficult because so much time has passed. it is now 9 minutes past the hour. how about a good night sleep to keep the wait off. a look at the z's you should get to keep from gaining. and we'll check out the making headlines,
8:10 am
including somewhat are calling a miracle at sea. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:12 right now. 19 degrees. let's look at stories making headlines. jared loughner will appear in a phoenix courtroom for the attempted murder of gabrielle giffords. he faced charges in state and federal court. louisvilleler will likely plead not guilty by reason of insanity. detroit's police chief is calling for a review of security after a shooting inside of a police station. a man walked into the precinct and asked for a card and walked out and returned with a shotgun. four officers were hurt before a police officer shot and killed the gunman. a north carolina woman accused of taking a child from a new york hospital more than 23 years ago will face kidnapping charges in federal court. ann pettway turned herself in in connecticut yesterday for an
8:14 am
unrelated probation violation charge. she was convicted of attempted embezzlement in north carolina and ordered not to leave the state. five americans who had been reported missing have safely reached the shores of the philippines. crew was reported missing when they did not arrive from guam this month. bad weather damaged two of their ship's rutters, but they are safe and sound now. no one wants to be stranded in the pacific ocean. >> no. >> tough enough with water on the beltway. you can imagine being in the ocean with nothing around. >> may we never have to know. and may we turn now to tony and better news. >> a pick-me-up. >> we need it this morning. it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. we have another youngster. a young one this morning. >> how cute. >> this is 2-month-old cloe. i'm trying to figure out -- >> you know what that is.
8:15 am
it's been a long time for us. it's the little snuggy that you zip it up and it encases your baby. >> and she's in the car seat. very cute. look at that adorable picture. she's 2 months old, bundled up and ready to face the cold. boy, is she. she looks like, i'm not sure i want to go out. >> she looks like a pea in a pod. super adorable. >> to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. here is a look at what is happening with the weather -- around the region. our temperatures have gone up to 19. 19 in annapolis. went up there. 7 at dulles airport, 7 in manassas. 11 in quantico. baltimore is at 11 degrees. just bitterly, bitterly cold today. satellite radar composite looks like this, for the most part her cloud-free. there are a couple of clouds out there. but there is a good amount of sunshine during the course of the day today. out to west, there is snow. most of that does not make it
8:16 am
in here but a few of you off to the north and west could see snow flurries later on today. don't be shocked if that happens. that snow is the leading edge of a warm front, believe it or not, which will work it's way in here tomorrow and bring us temperatures in the 40s. however, today look for a high of 30 degrees downtown. that means elsewhere you'll be in the 20s today. very cold day with temperatures at least 12-15 degrees below normal. tomorrow above normal. clouds build inment and then wednesday brings a wintry mix. maybe some periods of rain and maybe some extended periods of snow. that is all up in the air but we do expect precipitation on wednesday. and we do expect for it to be messy. thursday and friday, colder and breezy 38 degrees for the high. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour with julie wright. as we've been showing youal
8:17 am
morning -- you all morning, the water main break still gushing on 495 causing slippery and icy conditions if you will at this time. so the inner loop shut down at 214 central. all traffic diverted inbound at that point. a left on hampton park and ritchie marlboro is the work around. but to avoid the area, you need to stick with inbound 50 or the bw parkway, both of which very slow from before the beltway. now traveling northbound 95 on the brakes as you continue out of newington, making your way around the curve and continuing toward telegraph road. all of this slow traffic headed out toward telegraph where we had an accident with only the right lane getting through. that was contributing to the delay. the outer loop slowing north of town with lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well if your new year's resolution was to drop some weight, it is not something to lose sleep over.
8:18 am
and we mean that quite literally. poor sleep patterns can contribute to weight gain. and our next guest will explain how that works. dr. thomas lar uso is the medical director of the northern virginia sleep diagnostic center. doctor, good morning. and i'm allison, and i don't get enough sleep. and you said there is no answer to that. >> as far as when you get up at 3:00. >> just wanted to get that out of the way. let's talk about the function of sleep. and it's effect on your general health? >> you need to get adequate amounts of sleep to feel mentally restored. there are certain chemical changes that occur when you are sleeping that allow you to become more awake. so it's essential you get not only good quality sleep, but adequate amounts of it. >> how would that relate then to your effort to lose weight or maybe keeping on the weight, if you don't get enough sleep? >> well recent research has shown that lack of sleep can
8:19 am
result in the production of hormones that interfere with appetite. they can increase appetite and interfere with the production of fat. so people that were sleeping 6 hours or less, we found, had a lot of difficulty getting the weight off. this can lend itself to further weight gain in a vicious cycle. for example, sleep apnea where people snore loudly and stop breathing at night can further deteriorate one's sleep. so one really needs to think about getting adequate sleep when you are trying to lose weight. >> i think anybody who has more than three friends, you have three different sleep time ideals. i have some friends that say i just knee three hours of sleep and that's crazy. some people need eight to feel like they are awake. how do you know what you need and does it change person to person? >> well most individuals need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. one way you can kind of get a feel for that is on a weekend when you don't have requirements to get up, how
8:20 am
many hours do you really need to sleep and do you feel well after that period of time? >> there is a study that came out both disturbing and alarming. it talks about kids with poor sleep patterns and some of the effects that they might see later in life. and we're talking about prone to developing anxiety, depression, a bend toward substance abuse. it seems extreme. can you tell us about this study. >> it was a nice study that looked at children very young. one part of the study as age 3- 8 and they found a carration between poor sleep -- found a correlation between lack of sleep. a study in an older group of children showed behavior problems such as drug use and alcohol abuse was much more prevalent in those individuals with poor-quality sleep. so a lot of the psychiatric physicians are trying to promote good sleep hygiene
8:21 am
early on in life. >> and let me ask you for the kids and for older people too, who just can't sleep beyond however many hours a day, are there ways to make the room conducive to sleep and things to do if you can't sleep. >> i think the key thing is to keep a regular sleep-wake time schedule, particularly getting up at the same time. shut off the electronic devises at least an hour before you go to bed. try to do some relaxing things such as reading, listening to some quiet music. avoid caffeine later in the day. look at any medications you're taking. sometimes people are on decongest ants that can contribute to lack of sleep. and exercise can help but not too close to bed time. >> and signs you should be a sleep evaluation.
8:22 am
they include daytime sleepiness, nightmares or insomnia, violent tremors, sleep talking, and restless leg. we hear about restless leg syndrome. >> the legs can kick and they can also interfere with your ability to get to sleep. it's common as you get older. >> al right. we're all going to try to get more sleep here on the morning show. we appreciate dr. thomas lar uso stopping by. and he's the medical director at the north center sleep diagnostic center. >> thank you. virginia republican george allen set to make a big announcement later today. we'll have details coming up. and still following the breaking news out on the beltway this morning a water main break forced the inner loop of the beltway to shut down between route 214 and ritchie marlboro road. it has been shut down since we went on the air four hours ago. and it is expected to continue to be a big problem for the next few hours as well. stay up to date here on fox 5 morning news and online at
8:23 am
we'll get a live update coming up. we'll be right back. 
8:24 am
8:25 am
republican georgeal sen expected to announce today his plans to reclaim the u.s. senate seat from virginia in 2012. according to the associated
8:26 am
press he'll make his claims official in a video to be e- mailed this afternoon to long- time supporters. he lost the seat five years ago to democrat jim web. eric cantor believes the president is a u.s. citizen and doesn't think the debate should play a role in the discussion of policy. birthers believe the president is not constitutionally qualified to hold office because he is not a natural born citizens despite birth records in hawaii. and the president will address the nation tomorrow night in his state of the union speech. the focus is on jobs. the president is expected to talk about key investigates and incentives to make u.s. companies more competitive and ready to hire. but aids say the speech will also be tempered by the need to start bringing down america's mountain of debt. you can watch the state of the union here on fox 5 beginning at 9:00 tomorrow night. it is now 26 minutes past the hour. he encouraged americans to get off the couches and into the gym decades before it was cool
8:27 am
to do that. >> the lasting legacy left behind by jack la lane. and the water main break that we've been following is impacting operations at andrews afb. right now the base said only mission essential military personnel must report. nonemergency workers are excused from work. an administrative leave policy is in effect for nonemergency employees at andrews afb. stay with us. we'll get an you the date from julie wright when we come back. 8:27. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. ht.
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8:30 am
it's 8:30 right now. these are pictures we took a short time ago. the water main break on the beltway. you can see vehicles immersed in a crater. this is where it all started, off of the inner loop. still trying to get the details as to how this incident initially happened. but what you are seeing here is
8:31 am
certainly the result of it and then just a very short distance away from there is the inner loop of the beltway and that's where the water started running down the highway just after 4:00 this morning. and creating a lot of ice out there and certainly an empty roadway to shut the whole thing down. so the inner loop has been closed. so no traffic on the inner loop and the outer loop delays are heavy in that part of prince george's county throughout the commute this morning. >> we'll be on that story all day. we hope it will end soon, but they say it will be a couple more hours, right? >> until they get it shut off. and then they have to try to fix it. so it will take time. so at least when they get it shut off they can reopen the road. and the only part of that -- the other part of that story is the cold. >> once you step outside, you will know you do have to bundle up because conditions are dangerously cold with single- digits. currently 19 degrees here in the nation's capital.
8:32 am
also 19 in annapolis. quantico is at 11 degrees. manassas is 9 degrees. dulles airport is 7. gaithersburg is 10. winchester 12. in salisbury, it is 15 degrees. cambridge is at 18 degrees at this hour. let's pull this out and you'll see that it's not just us up. up to the north, new york city is 6 degrees. 5 below in binghamton. pittsburgh is 5 degrees at this hour. so some troubled spots all across the northeast. warmer air in place down to the south. cape hatteras is at 36 degrees this morning. let's get right to it. we want to show you what we call the future cast. and again, this is a projection based on some models of what we expect to see as far as precipitation goes during the next couple of days. today we're fine. some clouds build in a little bit later. maybe a brief snow flurry or two well out to the west later on today, just with the passage of the frontal boundary. tomorrow by late in the day, some clouds build in. and then by very early wednesday morning, the precipitation moves in from the
8:33 am
south, because it's a coastal storm, the fact that it's a coastal storm and this is monday means it hasn't even formed yet. we are talking about something that is going to happen in the future. but you know, as things have gone this winter, i can't tell you exactly what will happen but this future-cast has washington itself under a frozen mix on wednesday morning during the rush hour and then later in the day, toward evening rush hour, it becomes snow. off to east, it's still frozen precipitation. well off to the south and east it's a rain event. so we're talking about the rain- snow line and where does that set up. this particular model run has it still snowing at 10:00 at night in washington and points north and west with that snow now tracking off to the east. so we could have several hours after cumulating snow in the latter part of wednesday. that's a possibility. and this could all start as a frozen mix, which means ice. that's a possibility as well. again to the south and east, rain looks more likely. partly sunny skies today. cold continues. high only 30 degrees. many of you top out in the 20s.
8:34 am
partly cloudy tonight not as cold. mid-20s. but that's still cold. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow a warmer day, believe it or not. 45 degrees for the high tomorrow. wednesday that wintry mix, that messy condition, 36 on wednesday, breezy on thursday, this is a similar pattern to what we had last week and then friday mostly sunny and 38. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's find out what is happening with the traffic. and for that we go to julie wright. >> so you won't put out the prediction for a 4:00 a.m. start like last week? >> no, we are not. >> you said it and it happened so i'm glad you're keeping it hush-hush right now. >> yeah. on the roads this morning, we've been talking about this water main break which occurred shortly after 4:00. it's a 54-inch water main break dealing with all morning long and unfortunately traffic still being diverted off of the inner loop at central and from there you make the left turn on hampton park and then another left on ritchie marlboro to get around. and sky fox was live at the scene with sarah simmons
8:35 am
showing you the water still gushing out of the highway and causing slippery conditions because of temperatures causing icy conditions on the beltway. the inner loop slow toward the incident scene and as you see here, west of the beltway still have the water main break with the water gushing on the highway. wssc is working hard to try to find out where the valves are to cut the water off but until then we still have water on the highway causing slick conditions. and some of the alternate routes. for those traveling inbound on the bw, jammed up from the beltway. so a good 50-minute ride from the beltway into southeast washington. keep in mind the bw parkway slowing in laurel. for those traveling inbound on 50, delays out of bowie. so that's an additional 20 minutes tacked on to your time. and then in a delay from the beltway into northeast washington. we've got the major tie ups to report in virginia. this is northbound 95 leaving
8:36 am
newington and springfield on to the beltway, taking you around toward telegraph road. that's where we had the earlier problem at telegraph with the accident tieing up the roadwayment now off to the road to the shoulder and so the lanes are open again. 395 toward glebe road, pace improving toward the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. he has his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. and today fans are gathering there to remember fitness guru jack la lane. >> he passed away yesterday. he was 96 years old and jamie colby takes a look back at his life. >> reporter: he was the sulton of sweat. jack la lane was born on september 16th, 1914, in the desert town of bakersfield, california. his father died because of bad eating habits. >> when i was a kid, i was complete sugar-holik.
8:37 am
i work at living, most people work at dying. >> reporter: in 1936 he opened the jack la lane physical culture studio. it was the first modern-day fitness club. in 1951 jack exercised his way on to television screens with his own fitness show. it attracted many viewer who's tuned in for his amazing physical stunts. one time he did 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in a mind boggling 22 minutes. in 1985 he accomplished another amazing fete on his 70th birthday. he swam handcuffs and shackled for a mile and a half across long beach harbor. another milestone followed when he left the small screen ending an amazing 34 years in syndication. but he continued with his passion, writing books and producing videos and appearing in various commercials. >> people are not exercising enough. exercise is king.
8:38 am
nutrition is queen. put them together you have a kingdom. >> reporter: he said it best himself, i can't die, it would ruin my image. jane colby, fox news. >> he was doing something right. we have more for you. we are following more breaking news this morning. in addition to the water main break, sky fox over a house fire on coreland drive. they are looking for a resident who could be trapped inside the home. we're trying to get more information as they are as well. we'll keep an eye on this breaks news information and we'll have more details as we get them. it's 8:38 right now. up next, our video of the day which shows a close call on a busy highway. and the best sandwich, from a restaurant in d.c. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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others, go to and click on the job shop tab on the -- the top of our home page. toyota sold more than 8 million vehicles last year. and that put it's back on top for the second year in a row. toyota pushed gm out of the top spot in 2009. gm sold more than 7 million cars last year, 1 million less than toyota. one driver lucky to be alive after barely missing a crash. it was all caught on tape. look at this. a truck smashes through a barrier. that is some evasive driving. that truck was coming from the other side of the highway. watch it again. look at this. how scary. the semi coming right at you and a semi beside you. somehow the driver makes it all the way across the lanes, swerving just in time and amazingly no one was seriously hurt. we're told the truck driver is being charge with careless driving. >> are you okay? >> that's an understatement, but that person is an excellent
8:43 am
driver. to react and to get over and not swerve. >> a whole lot of luck. >> and some luck thrown in. it is 8:42 and the superbowl is set. the pittsburgh steelers and the green bay packers. >> up next dave ross joins us to play monday morning quarterback. how are they rolling on that crash any way? >> that is interesting. >> it sure is, isn't it. i mean filming the video by rolling. we are continuing to follow news on the beltway. new pictures here. inner loop closed down between 214 and ritchie marlboro. expected to still be a problem for several hours. the water continues to be a rush from a water main. inner loop of the beltway still shut down this morning. a live update is coming up.  mary! hey!
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. there may be an usually high amount of sick calls in pittsburgh today. steeler fans celebrating the championship well into the night. and should we mention it was subzero temperatures at that
8:47 am
time of the morning. jets lost to the steelers. and the steelers now face the green bay packers. how did it go down? dave ross joins us to play monday morning quarterback. >> what was amazing about both teams that won yesterday, neither winning team scored an offensive point in the second half and somehow they both held on to win and survive the superbowl. but they played a great first half. that's what that means. the first half and the game from the steeler and jets game. that was clearly the best game of the day. rashard mendenhall, punched them in the mouth and kill them. punch them and see how they respond. and tomlin's boys can hit and hit hard here against sanchez. just getting clobbered. is it a fumble? i think they made the right call. william gay runs it in. and you are thinking this game is over. so what did rex ryan say at the half, steve, because the jets
8:48 am
came back a different team in the second half. santonio holmes getting that bomb there and it's 24-10. so you're saying there is a change. >> there is a change. >> and then comes cotchery. what do you think about this call. third and 6, two-minute warning. jets have no time out. >> i thought they would run the ball and try to run down the field. >> i said they have to run the ball here. they didn't. and that's why mike tomlin gets paid the big bucks and ben roethlisberger is who he is. >> if he didn't make it, jets would have had two minutes to go. >> now if they had run the ball they could have run it down to a minute before they had to kick. but still, give them all of the props in the world. when you make a call like that, and it works, you're a genius. if you don't, you might be looking for work but it works and they're going on to the superbowl. i would love to hear both head coaches. listen to them now.
8:49 am
>> it's special because it's here and now. and so there is a unique group in there with a unique journey. so it's special. but they all are. who are we kidding? the 32 teams that start this journey and there are two left. it's awesome. >> our goal nor next year won't change and it will never change. we're going to chase that superbowl and we're going to chase it until we get. and then we'll chase it after that again. >> say what you want about the jets and rex ryan, he's always entertaining. is he not? >> oh, yes. >> i love it. they should have a 24/7 with him. just put a mic and camera around. >> there are whole new legions of jets lovers and haters based on what he had to say. but there are 32 other teams that better be saying the same thing as him. >> that should be the goal every year. and the goal for the packers is to win more game because of what they did yesterday in
8:50 am
chicago. aaron rodgers coming down for the packers. he's in, 7-0. and you'll see this with a belt, a little motion right there. >> what is that? >> he calls himself the heavy weight champion of the quarterbacks. and cutler had a bad knee and pulled from the game and in came todd collins and he did nothing so they went to caleb. caleb who? nobody knew who he was. oh, yeah it was caleb hanie. he threw a touchdown pass, 21- 14. still time to go and the project got one more chance to tie this thing up but on fourth down, sadly it's picked off by sam shields. that is your game set match. caleb hanie? this could have been the greatest comeback story in the history of football. >> they would have had just a good chance with hank haney.
8:51 am
>> but i could hear joe buck going somebody give me some information on this guy stat. who is he? >> so what is the deal with jay cutler. he's having an mri today. and you hate to wish bad, but you hope that there is something wrong with that knee. >> they were saying they were burning his jerseys in chicago. and they said how do you trust fans that bout a jay cutler jersey. but again, how many chances do you get to play for a superbowl and probably not many, you better be hurt to come out of that game. >> and for the sake of you and your fans, you better be right. and if i'm out there and limping, i'm there until somebody pulls me off the field. >> now again he could have a serious knee injury and it didn't look like it when he was standing this on the side lines. >> and you can name the third string quarterback for any of the other teams?
8:52 am
>> no. i had no idea who caleb hanie was before they introduced yesterday on fox. >> probably get a contract. >> if the third stringer had to go for the steelers, you know who that would be in antwan randle el. >> we're glad todd collins is not back here. >> steelers and packers for the superbowl. dave, thank you very much. and the high school game of the week. the basketball voting is open for the week. here are your choices. to vote go to, click on the sports tab. and you can text the school name to 29473 and we do get a bunch of texts so thank you. we'll be out at the winning match-up on friday evening. allison, over to you. >> thank you so much, steve. thank you, dave. now to a different sort of
8:53 am
competition. food blog endless is out with the list of top ten new sandwiches and a local restaurant is taking top honors. the new luther is sold at church key. take a look at that and try to figure it out. i'm going to tell you. that restaurant is on 14th street near rhode island avenue in northwest. what you are looking at is a butter milk fried chicken sandwich with bacon on a donut glaze in maple chicken juice and topped with pecans. do you understand what i'm talking about? those are donuts, bacon, fried chicken and little pecans up on the top in a sweet sauce as well. >> is this on the health care plan. >> it is not on the menu but available by request on sundays between noon and 8:00. think chicken and waffles probably kind of taste. interesting. well it's best new sandwich,
8:54 am
whether you like it or not. is who said it is. >> try it out. sounds a little sugary. it is 8:53 light -- right now and we continue to follow breaking news on the beltway. the inner loop closed between 214 and ritchie marlboro road. this is expected to be a problem for several hours. stay up to date here on fox 5 morning news and on our website, we will be right back.
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we want to give an extra special good morning to our facebook fan of the day. and today it's brandon edwards. he's been watching fox 5 morning news since the 1990s. so he's been with us all along he said he loves the chemistry and news 4 and the today show have nothing on us. well, brandon thank you very
8:58 am
much. very kind of you. and that's probably what helped you become facebook fan of the day. to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news. there is no space between the word fox and number 5 and post a comment under brandon's photo and we'll select unwith of -- one of you to be the facebook fan of the day. one more hour to go on this business monday morning. we'll turn it over to tony who is joining allison. >> steve, thank you so much. have a good day. here is a look at the stories for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. we continue to follow a developing situation along the beltway. a water main break has shut down the inner loop of the beltway causing a traffic nightmare out there. we're live with the latest plus an update from julie wright. it's all coming up. then lettisha fraser vanished in august and a tip led police to a man they believe killed her. but her body is still missing. we have detailed behind that
8:59 am
arrest coming up. and pieces of american history up for auction. they are earns that once stood at arlington national cemetery. so why is the army investigating this? more on that is coming up. and meanwhile the water main break in largo is impacting schools. bishop mcnamara school is now closed because of the break. they were on a delay but they have no water. also holy family catholic church in hillcrest heights is also closed. >> there are reduced operations at andrews afb. military essential personnel must report and emergency civilian personnel must report but nonemergency workers are excused from work at andrews. an administrative leave policy is in effect for non-emergency workers. more from sarah simmons in a moment. but first let's check in with tucker on the latest in the weather department. bitter cold out there


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